09 January 2013

The witness

I told my self, why not? Just try it and do it for the sake of joy for your life. Go for it!

Then, there I went. driving a bus. Transnasional, if not mistaken.

With gut, yet almost shriek just like a beast, sebab nak terlanggar kereta kat depan sebab tak tau which pedal is for gas and which is for break since there are too many pedals, compared to ordinary car. Miraculously, the bus break for itself.

Then, I continued driving. Till 1 point, I saw policemen. Roadblock. No bus license i am. In a hurry, I parked at the shoulder of the road where some kids (just come back from kelas fardhu ain, i guess) standing there. Perhaps waiting for their parents.

Then rationality struck me. Why don't I just go to the policemen and tell the truth that I have to drive cause I want to return the bus for those who own it. I donno why but the bus was parked at my home. So I need to give it back.

When I reached the spot where the policemen where standing, I looked back. and a man, wearing black jacket had already driven the bus. Together with a bunch of kids. Those kids who just finished fardhu ain class.


Then I returned to my real world.

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HrhZ said...

Tolonglah mimpi yang best sikit yana oii..haha :)