13 October 2012

Hebak demo weh!

Syaitons are extremely brilliant! They really know how to sharpen themselves tactically. Not even a single person is left without being mentally tortured by them. Bravo syaitons! You guys are totally unsurpassed!

When there is a person who is very nice to us, and owns lots of remarkable sweet qualities, you try your hard to emphasize his/her tiny crap. Therefore, you make us far apart because we keep influenced by your tricky wicked convincing facts regarding his/her (really small) unappealing side.

Good job syaitons!

But watch out syaitons! You just don't know yet the clout of Muslims' mind.

Whenever you try to highlight our dear's dainty flaw, we can just peacefully fight you back. How?


Just display a total ignorance on your  nonsense point and keep focusing on his/her numerous huge majestic deluxe qualities.

EASY peasy lemon squeezy :)


adahredha said...

ha.......... good info.!!! ops.. nice post... the words that you used. pergh!! okay, keep on writing.. <3

Nia Ilemor said...

This is one 'damn' good one! :D
(teringat what the uncle taxi said, thus...) :P