17 December 2011

Lovely Ten (♥ly 10)

Charmingly hugged by assignments. Currently, I'm the happiest entity in this universe. But, despite that delightful moment, I rather choose to leave them for a while just to take a breath in this  blog and stain my engaging artificial masterpiece on its body

Yesterday, I did have a little chit chat with a woman of great beauty, Miss Nia Ilemor. You don't know her? Oh I think I should change the description now.. :P Consequently, the 'small chit chat' leads me to ignore my bundle of works and turn to blog. 

Straight to the point.

From ten, to five. From five, to three. From three, to two. From two, to one.

Yet, even though we are splitting (in term of distance), you guys will eternally stay in my heart. Even though, we will rarely meet in the future (or maybe none at all. Naudzubillah..), all of you will forever remain in my mind. When I type 'forever', I mean it. Absolutely mean it. Insya Allah..

don't wanna make this entry super long. Got work to do. Yes, each of us has our own commitment. Our own goal to achieve. In fact, the commitment is actually the main reason why we are separating. But, just go for it! Grab your goal!

Lastly, please please please and please forgive me for my wrongdoings. I'm so sorry for everything..

and thanks, for every single blissful moment. Slept in a long row on the floor like a terrible victims of flood, stayed in a cave (we were considerate enough for not switching on the lamp in order to respect the 'neighbours' rite?),  cooked rice and ate it delightfully even though without any luxurious dishes-only serunding and kicap during sahur, terrifically ran to escape dogs, crazily became drama queens-oh applelishes!, hadinner at kedai abang2, kedai bas, kedai fiqri, hysterically captured photos here and there, and many more.. Seriously, there are lotsa memories with you guys. and u know, i will never erase it out of me. Unless, I have Alzheimer. Naudzubillah..

All in all, I highly require all of you to do well in whatever you are in. Be spirited and motivated. Make sure that all of you will be able to have your own wadges, then it is a mandatory to treat me. A mandatory. Please take note. 

Oh yeah, also, don't forget to invite me when any of you is going to be wedded. Who will be the pioneer to settle down? Can't wait for it. Hahaaa.

That's it. Got work to do. Thanks for being my dormmates, thanks for being my roommates, thanks for being my soul mates. Love you. All of you. 

Oh, and to my other friends, even though you are not being included in this entry, doesn't mean that you are nothing to me. In fact, you own the space in my heart as well. :) ♥  Maybe other time will be. ♥♥ 

wuhuuu! terasa hot pulak blog ni, (berlasying-lasying) bajet macam ramai orang nak masuk dalam ni. 
Oh well ~~

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